Liban Ali, Tokyo, May 2020

Liban Ali, British, working as a stylist. Born in the eighties, raised in the Middle East and currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

Liban has spent two decades of his life in London and Paris, which has fueled his drive for fashion and eclectic aesthetics. Most of his freelance work plays with different cultural heritages and influences I’ve encountered throughout my time across the world.

The shades of African colours or the middle eastern fabrics of his childhood will somehow come up on a shoot for a European or Japanese brand. He appreciates recreating some of those impressions in a completely different environment.

We ask Liban, if you were a flower, which would you be and why? His reply: I would be the Crocus Saffron. A complex flower that has beautiful contrasting and flamboyant colours. However, the distinctive smell of its pistils is so rich in memories for me.